(for teachers)

A.   Eligibility conditions

In accordance with the presidential decree No. 03-309 of September 11th2003 establishing organization and management of training and professional development abroad, published in the Official Journal No. 56:

B.   Application file:

The file must be in a single copy for the special national program.

C.   Hosting documents

The original welcome letter (following the attached model) from an academic or a research institution abroad (documents sent by fax, scanned or photocopied are not accepted).

Application file must be presented in the following order:

Administrative application documents:

1-A handwritten application.

2-Curriculum Vitae.

3-Scholarship application form approved by the Academic Regional Conferences (center, east and west).

4-Printed application form (not filled in by hand). The form can be downloaded from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research website. It should be approved by the head of department and the chair of the scientific council.

5-Duly signed commitment.

6-Copy of the first establishment minutes.

7-Copy of the tenure decision.

8-Legalized copies of enrollment certificates in a doctoral program in Algeria for the following academic years: 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.

9-Legalized copies of the required diplomas (High school diploma and university diploma).

10-The research work progress report approved by the doctoral adviser in Algeria and the co-advisor abroad stating that the candidate is on the way to completion of his thesis.

11-A certificate stating that the candidate have not received previously from a six-month-scholarship or more abroad (delivered by the Vice-rectorate of external relations, cooperation, organization, communication and scientific events).

12-A sworn statement (legalized at a city hall in French for the scholarships in French-speaking countries) of the candidate stating that the candidate has not received a residential scholarship abroad (as a student or as a teacher).

13-Birth certificate.

14-Family status certificate.

15-Two photos.

D.   Academic file:

The academic file must be delivered in one copy and presented independently. It includes a presentation of the research work (doctoral thesis) being carried out by the teacher.

Hosting documents from an academic or a research institution abroad:

Hosting convention:

Teacher applying for a residential training in France are invited to seek the hosting convention from the host organization, from the start of this program. We recall that this document, required by the French party, is necessary for compiling the visa application file.

Downloadable welcome letter

Application file for a residential training should include only one copy of the frame A of the hosting convention of a researcher or a teacher-researcher approved by the host organization.

Once selected, the teacher is asked to provide the original hosting convention along with its frames A and B, duly approved by the competent authorities when submitting visa application file.

The procedures related to submission of the visa application file is incumbent on the teacher with the assistance of the competent services of the institutions.

A copy of the frame B, duly approved, is to be submitted at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research when issuing departure documents (scholarship certificate and check of the first departure).