Historical journey

The faculty of economics, business and management sciences was created in accordance with the executive decree No. 09-11 of Moharram 7th 1430 corresponding to January 04th 2009, relating to the creation of the university of Medea. In the past, it was called the institute of management sciences, that was created in accordance with the executive decree No. 02-198 of Rabie Ethani 1421 corresponding to July 25th 2000 regarding the creation of the University Center of Medea. Before this, the management sciences was just a module taught at the former institute of electrical engineering of Medea. This stream was created along with the stream of business informatics during the academic year 1998-1999. In the beginning of the following year, the common-core curriculum of commercial sciences was created. In 2002-2003 the common-core curriculum of economics was created.

The former institute of management, the name of which has been change by the ministry of higher education in accordance with the executive decree No. 06-277 of Radjab 21st 1427 corresponding to august 16th 2006 amending and completing the aforementioned executive decree No. 02-198, became the Institute of economics, business and management sciences. Then, it became a faculty holding the same name. The faculty has in the present time all the long-term common-core curricula that exist in the major universities in addition to the short-term training in business informatics, the last class has left at the end of the year 2010-2011. Moreover, the LMD system that has been generalized as from the academic year of 2010-2011 which is the end of old system.

This development in the creation of specialties and the choice of branches has contributed to a rapid increase of the total number of students. This increase has been accompanied by a quantitative and qualitative progress of teachers.