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 The University of Medea has experienced a huge upturn since its erection, not long ago. More precisely, a national institute of higher education in electrical engineering, in 1988, became a university center in July 2000 following the opening of many specialities not only in the field of technology, but also those that have related to economics and management . Subsequently, its will be promoted to university in 2009 with four faculties before being expanded to six faculties with the creation of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science, in 2013. The credit goes to all the members of the university community united in an homogeneous block behind the rectors who succeeded one another at the head of this august institution showing foresight heading towards radiant horizons. It is in line with my predecessors that is part of the ambitious five-year project that I have concocted reflecting my vision and my perception of the role of the university in society and in the economic dynamic engaged at the national level. in collaboration with all the actors of the university. The project is divided into a number of actions at the end of which the university will be the pivot of society and its environment evolving in the era of new technologies.

And for good reason, we have emphasized the quality assurance of the training and services that the university offers, as well as the adaptation of training offers to the economic environment and the integration of innovative methods. Also, we planned to integrate the principles of sustainable development in the organization and management of the university while adopting a policy of waste reduction. In addition, to ensure the extroversion of the university we have advocated the establishment of international teaching and research networks.

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Rector, P. D.HAMIDI Youcef