The ICASS2018 will take place at the Auditorium "Hadj Hamdi Arslan" situated at the pole Campus (Ask for le nouveau pole) near the rectorship (le rectorat) (the big building with 09 floors) GPS coordinates are: 36.265141, 2.798670.

For the participants who already asked for the booking hotel we already give the names to the hotel. For persons who are going to pass the night of 23/11/2018 at the hotel, they can go directly to the hotel. the conference registration is open the 24/11/2018 at 08:00.

GPS Coordinates of "Ravin Bleu Hotel" are 36.139242, 2.920155

During the two days of the conference, a shuttle bus between the hotel and the University is insured by the ICASS2018 organizing committee.

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