The First National Conference on Civil Engineering and Environment (NCC2E’21) Medea-Algeria, 8-9 December 2021 (ONLINE)

Session 1 : Structures Engineering

Session 2 : Materials and Environment

Session 3 : Geotechnical and Engineering


Civil Engineering and Environment are the master keys of the open challenge dominating our world and its future.
NCC2E’21 is a meeting dedicated to cutting edge research that addresses scientific needs of academic researchers, industrial and professionals to explore new horizons of knowledge on various topics in interlink between Material, Civil Engineering and Environment. NCC2E’21 will be held at the University of Medea, Algeria during December 8-9, 2021. It is scheduled to include high quality contribution during presentation sessions, and also to engage participants in interesting discussion sessions.
Accepted abstracts followed by full paper submissions will be presented as oral or posted in the corresponding conference session listed in the topics (see joined list). This first edition of the NCC2E'21 aims at moving closer to the scientific community by the presentation of their recent works, by the exchange of their scientific experiments and sharing of knowledge acquired in the field of the Civil Engineering and Environment.

Seminar flyer Programme final NCC2E'21


Paper on all aspects coupling Civil Engineering And Environment will be welcome.The main topics are:


TOPIC 1: Materials and Environment

  • Materials recycling
  • Advanced Construction Materials
  • Materials Characterization and Behavior
  • Eco-materials
  • Composite Materials
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Energy Efficiency and Building Technology
  • Biomaterials and Environment


Topic 02 : Structures Engineering

  • Behavior of Structures
  • Modeling and Numerical Simulation
  • Health Monitoring and Life Prediction of Structures
  • Structural dynamics
  • Structural response
  • Superstructure


Topic 03 : Geotechnical and Engineering

  • Soil Mechanics
  • Foundation and Structural Dynamics
  • Soil-Structure Interaction
  • Old load survey
  • Geotechnical analysis
  • Stability of natural slopes
  • Risk assessment



  • Pr Bouarouri Djaafar, President of the University Yahia Fares of Medea
  • Dr. Bachene Mourad, Dean of Faculty of Technology, University of Medea


  • Dr. Guendouz Mohamed, General Chair, University of Medea
  • Dr. Boukhelkhal Djamila, Co-Chair, University of Medea


  • Kouadik Smain University of Medea
  • Nedjioui Mohamed University of Medea
  • Guemana Mouloud University of Medea
  • Hamdache Mabrouk University of Medea
  • Belhadj Abd Elmouneim University of Medea
  • Bachene Sarah University of Medea
  • Blaifi Habiba University of Medea
  • Bensaada Abdelhalim University of Medea
  • Chiba Younes University of Medea
  • Ferhat Samira University of Medea
  • Guermiti Laid University of Djelfa
  • Heriheri Widad University of Medea
  • Hernoun Houria University of Medea
  • Kallou Amel University of Medea
  • Lachnani Amina University of Medea
  • Talaiche Zohir University of Medea
  • Yousfi Mahfoud University of Medea
  • Zemirline Soulef University of Medea
  • Benyahia Amina University of Medea
  • Bouhraoua Ismail University of Medea


  • Debieb Farid University of Medea
  • Boukendakdji Otmane University of Medea
  • Bentchikou Mohamed University of Medea
  • Aoudjane Khiereddine University of USTHB
  • Belaidi Akram University of Laghouat
  • Benchaa Benabed University of Laghouat
  • Dahou Zohra University of Bechar
  • Dali-Braham Madjid University of USTHB
  • Ezziane Karim University of Chlef
  • Flici Samir University of Medea
  • Gherici Mohamed University of Chlef
  • Kenai Said University of Blida
  • Menadi Belkacem University of Blida
  • Moulay mustfa Nadji University of Medea
  • Mouli Mohamed ENP Oran
  • Moussai belkacem University of USTHB
  • Nechnech Ammar University of USTHB
  • Tlemcani Abdelhalim University of Medea
  • Abib Zineddine LAFARGE, Algeria
  • Amokrane Kamel University of Medea
  • Amri Salima University of Medea
  • Boucherit Dalila University of Medea
  • Bouksani Omar University of Medea
  • Dif Foudil University of Djelfa
  • Douara Taha Houcine University of Djelfa
  • Hachemi Samia University of Biskra
  • Khelladi Mohamed University of Medea
  • Khiatine Mohamed University of Medea
  • Medjitna Lamia University of Blida
  • Melais Fatima Zohra University of Annaba
  • Menaa Lazazi University of Medea
  • Messaad Ali University of Medea
  • Mir Mouna University of Medea
  • Otsmane Lalahoum University of Medea
  • Safiddine Salim University of Medea
  • Settari Chafika University of Medea
  • Sitayeb Said COSIDER, Algeria
  • Skender Zakaria University of Medea
  • Soualhi Hamza University of Laghouat
  • Touzout Med Amine University of Medea
  • Triki Zakaria University of Medea
  • Younsi Abderrahmane University of Medea
  • Zemir Ismail University of Medea


  • Full paper Submission: January 30, 2021 February 28, 2021

  • Notification of acceptance: March 01, 2021 March 31, 2021

  • Confirmation of participation: April 01, 2021 April 20, 2021

  • Conference date: 8-9 December 2021


  • PhD Student .............3000 DA

  • Academic ............. 5000 DA

  • Professional............ 12000 DA

  • Nota :
  • The registration fees cover the conference documentation, the two lunches and the coffee breaks.
  • Accommodation is not supported.
  • Students must provide a copy of their student card or any other supporting document upon registration.