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Last Updated on 20 June 2023

Student life at the different campuses of MEDEA university.

Discover our campus


The university has six faculties, spread over four sites as follows:

The main campus in the urban area, with two faculties: :

The new OUAZRA campus, with two faculties:

the former AIN D’HEB campus, which includes the Faculty of Arts and Languages.

The fourth Ex-theatre MSALAH campus, comprising the Faculty of Law and Political Science.




Our training courses

The University of Médéa offers a number of specializations in various fields. To consult the full range of training courses available in the three LMD cycles (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate), please refer to the following link: Platform of training offers or Guide to training offers.

Digital services

The university provides many digital services for students via it official website, which is considered our main communication channel. It allows you to access various services available at the university and keeps you constantly connected by following campus news, such as: :

  1. New student registration : A dedicated platform for registering new students. Click here for the link.
  2. Student Space : This platform allows students to access everything related to them, including exam grades, results of deliberations, course registration, etc.
    Each student can access the platform using their username and password provided by the university. Click . here for the link.
  3. University email : The university provides an email service for students. Click here to access the email.
  4. Distance learning platform: This platform allows students to access their courses, including lectures, guided exercises, practical assignments,.
    Click here to access the platform.

Scientific, cultural, and sports activities:

The Directorate of Cultural, Sports, and Scientific Activities contributes actively by providing students with the opportunity to express their scientific, cultural, and sports talents. It creates an environment where students can find a respite from their daily study routine. The sub-directorate aims to highlight the talents of university youth and utilize them in various activities and events organized periodically to create an environment where a cultured and athletic academic generation emerges, combining character and knowledge.

To achieve this, the Sub-Directorate of Scientific, Cultural, and Sports Activities undertakes the organization and preparation of:

  1. Cultural events inside or outside the university campus.
  2.  Sports activities for male and female students.
  3.  Training courses.scientific, cultural, artistic, and sports competitions.

More details about the activities organized by the Directorate of Cultural, Sports, and Scientific Activities, please visit the following link click here.

Other Services: :

The university provides several other services for students, including:

  1.   Health Service : Each campus has a medical office that ensure the health care and protection of students in coordination with the competent public health bodies.
  2.  Post Office Service :The university has a post office located in each faculty, saving students the hassle of traveling outside the campus for various postal operations provided by Algeria Post.
  3.  Transportation and Housing : The Directorate of University Services provides urban and non-urban transportation for students through its buses, upon presentation of a transportation card. It also provides accommodation for students from outside the province in various university neighborhoods.
  4.  Food Service : The university offers food services through its university restaurants, managed by the Directorate of University Services.
  5. Intensive Language Education Center :The center provides a public service for language learning primarily targeting all members of the university community.
  6. University Psychological Assistance Center : It includes a group of specialized teachers in psychology, educational sciences, and speech therapy affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The center receives students to listen to them and monitor their mental health. Center link: click here.
  7.  Entrepreneurship House : It works to promote and develop entrepreneurship culture and encourages university youth to establish their own institutions..