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Last Updated on 2 May 2023

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The Rectorate is the legislative and the executive body of the university working under the authority of the rector, Dr.BOUAROURI Djaafer . The latter is responsible for the overall functioning of the university respecting the prerogatives of the other bodies. In this context, he fulfills the following functions and responsibilities:

  • He represents the university in court and in all acts of civil life,
  • He exercises the hierarchical authority over the university staff,
  • He concludes all deals, conventions, contracts and agreements in accordance with applicable regulations,
  • He ensure the application of the legislation and regulation in force with regard to teaching and student affairs,
  • He is the authorizing officer for the university budget,
  • He gives delegations of operating appropriations to deans of faculties, heads institutes and, where applicable, heads of annexes,
  • He gives delegations of signature to deans of faculties, heads of institutes and, where applicable, heads of annexes,
  • He appoints university staff for which another means of appointment is not provided,
  • He takes all measures necessary to improve training and research activities of the university in respect of the powers of its other bodies,
  • He ensures the application of the internal regulation of the university of which he prepares the draft and submits it to the board of directors for approval,
  • He is responsible for maintaining order and discipline inside the university,
  • He issues diplomas by delegation of the minister in charge of higher education,
  • He ensures the custody and preservation of the archive.