Last Updated on 17 May 2022

2nd stop of the Caravan of entrepreneurship, Faculty of Law and Political Science
Under the supervision of the rector of the university, Professor BOUAROURI Djafaar, the caravan of entrepreneurship has landed at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the University Yahia Fares of Medea, where the caravan aims to get closer to students and motivate them to enter the world of entrepreneurship, while striving to highlight the facilities offered by the state to students wishing to access the world of entrepreneurship and help them to realize their own projects.
The students received enlightening explanations concerning the effective role of the House of Entrepreneurship in the liaison of the university with the various organizations and institutions concerned.
Note that the next stop will be at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University Pole on Monday, May 23, in the auditorium, and the last stop of the caravan will be on Wednesday, May 25, in the hall of the Faculty of Sciences.
All our thanks to Professor Dr. BAGHDAD Mohamed, Director of Information and Documentation of the Supreme Islamic Council, for the courtesy visit, and we also thank the administrative staff of the Faculty of Law and Political Science for the warm welcome.