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Charter for the use of electronic messaging at YAHIA FARES University of Medea

The University of Médéa provides for its users (teachers, doctoral students, students, administrative staff) and its structures an electronic messaging service for professional use, enabling internal or external communication between the various users, in accordance with the technical standards in force on digital communication networks.

The proper operation of the messaging service requires compliance with the regulatory provisions, in particular compliance with this charter, which aims to define the security rules and precautions that users must observe.

Users must be vigilant when using electronic mail; it is recommended, in particular, to facilitate the circulation of information

  • The recipient’s address must be clearly stated.
  • The recipient is authorised to access the content transmitted.
  • Do not open attachments and/or hypertext links sent from unknown e-mail addresses.
  • Do not open the professional mailbox from community internet access areas.
  • Messages should only be sent to recipients who are genuinely interested or concerned, and recipients should not be forced to read messages that are of no interest to them.
  • Avoid sending mass mailings.
  • Each user must take the necessary steps to keep messages that may be essential or simply useful as evidence.

    Commitment of the user
  • Users are responsible for their use of the Service. In particular, he/she shall ensure, at his/her own level, the security of this service and undertakes not to deliberately disrupt its operation.
  • At the request of management, a user’s professional e-mail address may be deleted at any time following misuse. It is also terminated when the employment relationship is terminated.
  • Failure to comply with the rules set out in this charter may render the user liable and lead to sanctions being taken against him/her (restriction of use, disciplinary sanctions).