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External relations

To support its open policy towards its external environment, the University of Médéa has strengthened its external relations by signing three agreements on Thursday 30 May 2024 with social and economic partners. These partnerships include the Direction of Moudjahidine and Rights of the Wilaya of Médéa, the POVAL pumps and valves production company in Berouaghia – Médéa, and the SOEXPLAST company in Médéa. The agreements were signed under the supervision of Professor Djaafar Bouarouri, the university’s rector, in the presence of the directors of the contracting companies, as well as the university’s vice-rector in charge of external relations, the vice-rector in charge of pedagogy, the dean of the Faculty of Literature, and the head of the BLEU liaison office for the University of Médéa .
For the university, the renewal of the cooperation agreement with the Direction des Moudjahidine will enable teacher-researchers in the fields of history and the humanities to coordinate with the Direction of the Moudjahidine to form scientific historical research teams focusing on the study and enhancement of historical heritage. This will help to promote and disseminate Algerian history for future generations and consolidate the noble values and principles of the glorious November Revolution. It embodies the government’s action plan to preserve the national memory and strengthen links with the November reference. It will also provide an opportunity for university students to take part in activities organised by the Directorate of the Moudjahidine, such as exhibitions, museum visits, study days and field trips to historic sites that bear witness to the struggle of the Algerian people against colonialism.
As for the cooperation agreement with the POVAL company, it will enable a broad segment of scientists and researchers in the field of science and technology to coordinate with the company’s engineers to launch research projects of mutual interest. It will also enable university students to improve their theoretical knowledge and reinforce it with practical training, preparing them for post-graduate projects.
The university is seeking to achieve the same objectives through the cooperation agreement with SOEXPLAST .
 In this way, the University of Médéa aims to improve its position in its environment, striving to be a fourth-generation university and a driving force in the national economy, in line with the recommendations of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Kamal Baddari.