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Last Updated on 22 February 2023

Under the supervision of the Rector of the University, Professor Djaafar Bouarouri, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences organized the 2nd “meeting of knowledge”, in the presence of Professor Mohamed Lahcen Zeghidi, coordinator of the National Committee for Memory and History.
The meeting was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor Mohamed Amour, who gave a welcome speech, before giving the floor to Professor. Zeghidi, who emphasized in his speech that memory is values, it is existence, and it is history, and researchers agree that man is a historical being, and memory works to reform the individual and society to maintain the unity of the nation, its cohesion and its independence.
Professor Zeghidi also answered questions from students and teachers present in the room,
At the end of the meeting, an honorary tribute was given to the guest of the university.