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Last Updated on 25 April 2022

The big conference hall HADJ HAMDI ARSELAN hosted on April 19 the 2nd edition of the Holy Quran recitation contest organized by the Yahia Fares University -Médéa in coordination with the wilaya office of the Rally of Free Algerian Students (REAL), which carries this year the slogan – YES. . the  holy Quran reciter  is a university student -, and this, under the supervision of Mr. Rector of the university Professor BOUAROURI Djaafar and with the presence of executives of the university and its guests and a large number of students.

The final phase was animated by 07 students reciters and arbitrate by a jury chaired by Chikh ZIANE Djebar, licensee of the ten recitations, the president of the recitation commission of the wilaya of Medea.

He concluded the ceremony by crowning the reciter TAOUCHE Abderrahmane of the university IBNE KHALDOUN-TIARET.