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  6. The official launch of the doctoral training for the academic year 2021-2022

Last Updated on 19 April 2022

The rector of the university, Professor Jaafar Bouarouri, supervised the official launch of the doctoral training for the academic year 2021-2022, in together with his vice-rectors, Professor Hanini Salah and Professor Kouadik smain. The official launch was attended by the successful  students of the third cycle, the administrative, pedagogical and scientific staff, the members of the committees of the doctoral training, in addition to a group of teachers who have contributed to the success of the doctoral competition.

In his intervention, the Rector praised the well organization of the doctoral competition and urged the new students to adhere to scientific reliability and to publish their articles in prestigious scientific journals, highlighting to them the importance of publishing in the development of scientific research on the one hand and its contribution to the university leadership and improving its ranking.

For his part, Professor Hanini presented a numerical summary on the doctoral competition, highlighting the mechanisms approved by the Ministry in the process of organization and management of the third cycle. On this occasion, Professor Atchi Adel presented the opening lesson.