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  6. Visit from the interministerial commission in charge of creating a medicine annex at the University of Médéa

Last Updated on 20 May 2024

The wali of the wilaya of Médéa, Mr Djahid Mouss, in the presence of the rector of the university of Médéa, Professor Djaafar Bouarouri, the director of health for the wilaya and a number of executives and teachers, has received the interministerial commission in charge of studying the pedagogical and material resources available to ensure the best possible conditions for teaching medical sciences at the university of Médéa, with a view to creating an annex of medicine at the university of Médéa.
The delegation went to the Ouzera university centre, which houses the science and technology faculties, where it visited all the practical laboratories, in particular the biology, physics and chemistry laboratories. It then visited the teaching pavilion, with 18 classrooms, 4 amphitheatres with a capacity of 300 seats each, and 16 offices that will be attached to the future administration of the medicine annex.
The delegation visited the biology research laboratory, where a technical map was presented, showing the most important work being carried out there.
The delegation also inspected the annex’s library, which has four reading rooms with a capacity of 100 places each, as well as a teachers’ area, an internet area and a book area.
The committee then visited the Mohamed Boudiaf hospital in the wilaya of Médéa, which has several pavilions and a number of specialised departments and laboratories to provide students and teachers with the best possible conditions for theoretical and practical training.
The visit ended with a meeting at the University Rector’s Office, where the final report of the visit was finalised.